American Energy Coffee CO.


Hand Harvested coffee

American Energy Coffee Company meticulously hand-harvests coffee beans, ensuring only fully ripe fruit is picked for higher quality.

Quality Control

Machine harvesting by large coffee brands leads to unripe beans and lower overall quality. Hand harvesting ensures better coffee.

Equitable Farm Relationships

The company builds equitable and fair partnerships with farms, focusing on fair trade and community job creation.

Community Impact

Prioritizing fair trade supports local economic development and significantly enhances coffee quality.

Our commitment

Craft Coffee for the People, Humbly Delivered

American Energy Coffee Company is about craft coffee without pretense. We will always remember who we are and humbly earn your business. At American Energy Coffee Co. we do not answer to a board of directors nor do we bow to social pressures. It’s really simple, delicious coffee for the people who love and keep this country moving forward. 

Superior Coffee

The culmination of these practices results in an amazing cup of coffee for consumers.

helping local coffee farms

The company’s partnerships with farms help create jobs in local communities.

OUR founders STORY

From Energy to Espresso: Crafting the American Dream

We are hard working Americans just like you. We have been blessed beyond imagination by the relationships and careers built in the energy sector. With plenty of hard work and many nights away from the people we care about, we are proof that the American Dream is alive and well. Our decades of experience in energy has allowed us to support our families, raise our children, and further validate our steadfast belief that America is the greatest country in human history. Exceptionalism is alive and well in America and we will unapologetically celebrate it and you. With this in mind, we created a delicious craft coffee brand to represent everyone that brings true American Energy!


Align Your Values with American Energy Coffee

Where you spend your time, money and energy demonstrates what you value. You have a choice. At American Energy Coffee Company we want the honor of being your coffee of choice. Stop investing in companies that don’t share your values.

Did you know:
Mega chains coffee is the equivalent cost of $2700 per barrel when calculated at an average of $5 per drink?! How much money can you save annually making your own drinks?