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What makes our coffee amazing

There are plenty of large coffee brands and huge coffee companies selling massive amounts of coffee. They are focused on high profitability and mass supply and with this volume comes quality control issues. To deliver on these metrics machine harvesting is deployed. While this is the most efficient way to gather fruit from coffee trees, the result is the majority of the coffee picked isn’t ripe. What this means for consumers is a decline in quality. Unfortunately most people are simply accustomed to mediocre coffee.

By contrast, American Energy Coffee Company has established equitable relationships with our farms. These stewards of the land understand the nuance of coffee beans. Harvesting by hand only the delicate, ripe fruit when it has reached its full potential. This attention to detail dictates a higher level of quality and the result is an amazing cup of coffee for you. Additionally, our partnerships create jobs in each community and place a priority on fair trade practices.